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178 Main St., Plymouth, NH (603) 536-5566

Dec 13

Dr. Ashley Rice

Dr. Ashley Rice is an Airforce Veteran who obtained her B.A. degree in Biology from Auburn University at Montgomery and Doctorate of Chiropractic from Logan University in St. Louis Missouri. Dr. Rice uses a combination of techniques including Applied Kinesiology, SOT, Logan Basic, Diversified, Instrument adjusting and other techniques to treat her patients. She understands the importance of a nutritional education, injury prevention, and lifestyle coaching to complement a holistic chiropractic lifestyle. In her free time Dr. Rice enjoys being outdoors, snowmobiling, riding motorcycles, yoga, experimenting with healthy cooking and spending time with her husband Dan and dog "Mrs Beans"
Dec 13

Jenifer Bennert

Jenifer Bennert has worked for years as an Emergency Medical Technician and dispatcher for the beautiful state of NH. After years of emergency work, she has found joy in a calmer lifestyle that includes chiropractic and holistic approaches to health and healing. Jenn Lifes in Laconia with her beautiful wife whom she enjoys Star Trek, Star Wars and all things geek. They share their home with two loving adopted cats, Downee and Sebastian.
Oct 19

Family Wellness

From geriatrics to pediatrics
Oct 19

Empowering Patients

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