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Most Common Types of Headaches

TENSION HEADACHE: This type of headache is typically due to stress or poor posture. It is caused by pinched nerves in the back of the neck due to tight muscles. These hadaches are usually worse in the afternoon and the pain travels to the side of the head and/or behind the eye. Poor workstation ergonomics is a major risk factor for Tension Headaches.

CERVICOGENIC HEADACHE: These Headaches originate from strained and inflamed joints in the neck as a result of joint instability due to weak core muscles. A history of neck trauma is a major risk factor for Cervicogenic Headaches. Stress can be a triggering factor however symptoms are most often worse with sleep and in the mornings. The pain usually travels from the neck to the top of the head.

TENSION MIGRAINES: Of the various types of migraines, Tension Migrains are the most common. They are caused by a tight or shortened muscles in the back of the head. These muscles connect directly to the spinal cord and brain stem by a bridge of connective tissue called the myodural bridge. Tension on the muscles pulls on the myodural bridge which in turn pulls on the spinal cord and brain triggering the Migraine. Typically these migraines start in the morning and worsen throughout the day.

The Four Phased Approach to Your Care

EXAMINATION: At Lakes Region Chiropractic, we will get to know you and how and when your pain started. We will perform a detailed exam of your muscles, joints, nerves, and posture. Our exam will help us determine the safest most effective approach to care.

ADJUSTMENTS: Chiropractic adjustments are highly skilled manual treatments that safely and comfortably restore natural movement and positioning of your joints. Our office utilizes both gentle hands on and instrument assisted adjusting techniques.

EXERCISES: Exercises are unique to your specific condition and comfort level. Our modernized equipment accelerates muscle stretch and strength. We also prescribe at home exercises as an practice and easy way to improve your condition.

OCUPATIONAL/LIFESTYLE: We will determine if there are repetitive work movements, poor ergonomics, or lifestyle habits that may be affecting your condition(s). We will suggest practical modifications to help prevent a relapse in your condition.

Disclaimer: The following general information is provided to assist the reader in developing an awareness of of the many conditions treated by Chiropractors, and of procedures employed in treatment. It is not intended as a substitute for the reader’s consultation with their appropriate primary caregiver, and for an evelauation and recommendation following a comprehensive examination at Lakes Region Chiropractic. ~James Pamplin, DC (Lakes Region Chiropractic)